Daniel Thatcher
County Council 2

As a proven advocate for conservative values and integrity, Senator Daniel Thatcher is dedicated to representing everyday citizens' basic rights and needs. With a 14-year record of fighting for small government, fiscal responsibility, and constitutional rights, Daniel champions support for law enforcement, veterans, first responders, school safety, mental health, and crisis intervention. Help restore the focus of the County Council to the everyday citizens’ needs by voting Thatcher for District 2.

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A Vote for Thatcher Is a Vote to Bring 14 Years of Experience Back Home.

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"I was born and raised in West Valley City by working-class parents. It's where I live now and where I'm raising my family. I'm proud to call the west side of Salt Lake County home."

Experience Matters. Results Matter.

Promises Made. Promises Kept.

Small Government

As a principled conservative, Senator Thatcher has consistently worked to increase efficiency in government to benefit the taxpayer while striving to limit it's authority over citizens. He has repealed more laws than any other legislator in Utah's history.

Public Safety

Senator Thatcher's work on mental health and criminal justice reform has saved precious lives and diminished untold suffering. We also save tax dollars by keeping people in crisis out of our jails and hospitals. Daniel was a leading force on the SafeUT and 988 systems pioneered here in Utah, leading one national expert to exclaim, "Utah isn't on the leading edge. Utah IS the leading edge."


Senator Thatcher will always stand for principles, even if that means standing alone. When there was tremendous pressure put on Republicans to pass a rushed tax bill that would have doubled the tax on food, Thatcher voted no. When bills infringe on constitutional rights. Thatcher always votes no. When bills are changed at the last minute and avoid committee hearings and public input, Thatcher votes no, every time. It doesn’t matter if he likes the bill or not. The ends never justify dishonest means.


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Repealed more laws than any legislator in Utah's history.
One of only TWO Republicans to vote NO on raising the Food Tax.
Always stand for principles, even if it means standing alone.
Reduced barriers to employment for the working class.
Increased mental health support for police and firefighters.
Supported by both firefighters and law enforcement.
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